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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are my chances of having a baby?

Your chances of having successful treatment and a baby are dependent on a number of factors including your age, your cause of infertility and medical history. General information on our success rates can be found on our Success Rates page which can be used as a guide. If you wish to have an idea of your chances of having a baby based on your own individual circumstances please contact us and our team will be happy to advise you.

What support do you offer?

The Salisbury Fertility Centre team builds friendly and supportive relationships with patients and provides personalised care right from the first contact. This ensures that patients feel that they can contact the centre for support whether their query is big or small or they just wish to talk their feelings through. This approach has led many patients to keep in touch with us long after they have concluded having treatment.
The centre has an independent counsellor who is able to provide support and advice and discuss the implications of particular treatments. Our treatment information packs also contain a list of support groups patients can join if they are seeking peer support.
Once treatment has commenced all patients are given an emergency contact number on which they can obtain advice from one of the consultants outside of the centre’s working hours. On the rare occasions that emergency care and hospital admission is required this can be through Salisbury District Hospital and managed by the patient’s fertility consultant.

What are the timescales for treatment?

For an IVF or ICSI treatment cycle, routinely once you have completed your initial consultation you advise us of the next day 1 of the female partner’s menstrual cycle and our nurse co-ordinators plan treatment. The egg collection and embryo transfer procedures will take place approximately 8 weeks from this date and we will do our best to plan treatment around any existing commitments you have during this period. For an explanation of the stages in an IVF treatment cycle please see the Our Process page.
For a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) treatment cycle the time frame is similar to an IVF cycle with the embryo transfer taking place approximately 8 weeks following the day 1 of the menstrual cycle which the female partner advises us she would like to plan treatment from.
For an Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) treatment cycle, once your initial consultation has been completed you advise us when you detect your LH surge and the procedure is completed the following day.
For the timescales of any other treatments please contact us on 01722 417224.

What is the cost of treatment and what is included?

Unlike most fertility clinics we do not charge individually for all the elements which make up a fertility treatment (blood tests, scans, procedures etc.) We package all our treatments comprehensively so that you know the treatment price you see covers everything, except medications, from planning treatment through to early pregnancy scan or follow up consultation if unfortunately treatment isn’t successful.
For our main treatment packages and a full list of the costs of the treatments and procedures we offer please see our Treatment Prices page or contact us so that we can be clear with you about the costs you can expect to pay.
Please pay close attention to what is included in our treatment packages and contact us if you have any questions. While the charges of other fertility clinics may appear less at first glance they are often more expensive once all the elements have been added to their basic treatment charges.

When do I have to pay for my appointment or treatment?

Unlike most fertility clinics you do not have to pay when you book an appointment or on the day of the appointment. If there is a charge for a particular appointment we will ask you to sign a yellow form indicating that you are agreeing to pay the charge for the appointment. Our Finance Department will send you an invoice for the appointment which you have 21 days to pay from the date on the invoice.
When your treatment is planned we will ask you to sign a yellow form indicating that you are agreeing to pay the charges for your treatment. We usually ask you to sign this at your nurse consultation appointment or post this to you for return to us. Our Finance Department will send you an invoice for the treatment charges which you have 21 days to pay from the date on the invoice and we request that you make payment prior to your egg collection. Please let us know at the earliest opportunity if this timeframe will cause you difficulty as this may enable us to assist you.

Do I require a referral for treatment at Salisbury Fertility Centre?

If you are seeking NHS funded treatment we require a referral from either your GP or your infertility consultant who you have had investigations completed with.
If you are seeking treatment as a private patient then you can self-refer and do not require a referral.

What should I expect at the NHS funding eligibility check appointment?

If you are seeking NHS funded treatment the first step is to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). You will be invited to an NHS funding eligibility check appointment. At this appointment we run through and document responses on the appropriate CCG’s eligibility check list. We will send you a copy of this check list with your appointment letter so that prior to your appointment you will be aware of the criteria you are required to meet. This includes documenting how long you have been trying, taking your height and weight to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), and asking you to breath into a smokealyser. The appointment lasts around 30 minutes and we require both you and your partner to attend. The appointment is not a test so please do not be concerned. It is just a requirement to allow us to apply for NHS funding for your treatment. The appointment is completed by a nurse or nursing assistant who is here to support you and answer any questions you may have.

What should I expect at my initial consultation appointment?

When you book your initial consultation the female partner will be offered a transvaginal ultrasound scan and the male partner a semen analysis. The transvaginal ultrasound scan is to ensure that there are no polyps or fibroids (lumps or bumps) in the female’s uterus which could prevent treatment being successful. This is included in the cost of the initial consultation. While the male partner may have completed at least one semen analysis previously it is important our embryologists assess a sample of the male partner’s sperm prior to treatment to ensure there are no surprises which could conflict with treatment success on the day of treatment. The transvaginal ultrasound scan and semen analysis are usually completed around an hour and a half before your appointment with the consultant. This means that the consultant can discuss the results of the scan and semen analysis with you during the consultation. During the consultation the consultant will take a medical history from you, advise of the most appropriate treatment for you, talk through your chances of treatment success, and inform you of any risks and medication side effects.

Where does the male partner complete his semen analysis?

We have a room here in the Fertility Centre for the male partner to produce his sample so there is no requirement to bring a sample with you. This room is used for both your initial semen analysis and for production of your sample on the day of treatment. One of the embryologists will show you into the room and is able to answer any questions you may have.

If you have a question or questions which have not been answered in the above please contact our friendly team so that we can provide the answer(s) you require.

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