Altruistic Egg Donation

Altruistic donors give eggs to a clinic for a recipient they don’t know, to be mixed with a partner’s sperm, or donor sperm, and used in IVF or ICSI treatment

What is Altruistic Egg Donation?

Altruistic egg donation involves the donation of eggs to a woman or couple who require donor eggs to have a child. In altruistic egg donation the donor is not receiving treatment themselves and making the donation to help one or more women or couples. An altruistic egg donor can be compensated for costs incurred with their donation. We welcome approaches from altruistic egg donors to support our patients on the waiting list for donor eggs so if you are considering an altruistic donation please contact us.

What are the criteria to be an Altruistic Egg Donor?

  • Aged less than 36
  • AMH of greater than 8 – this can be arranged at Salisbury Fertility Centre or via your GP
  • Body mass index (BMI) of less than 30
  • Non-smoking
  • Both ovaries present
  • No moderate/severe endometriosis
  • Not a previous poor responder to stimulating drugs
  • Satisfactory completion of a health questionnaire
  • Consent to Salisbury Fertility Centre contacting your GP
  • Partner should agree with the course of treatment

How does it work?

If you meet the criteria to be an altruistic egg donor and wish to proceed please contact us. We will send you the Donor Personal Information Form and Registration Form for you to complete and return to us. On receipt of these forms we will arrange an appointment for you to see one of our consultants. The consultant will discuss your medical history and the egg donation process in detail so that you are fully informed of your undertaking.
If you and the consultant are in agreement to proceed an appointment will be arranged for you, and if you have one, your partner to meet the counsellor to ensure you have explored the implications of your donation. This will be followed by the completion of a number of screening blood tests. Once the blood test results have been received and cleared to proceed with treatment you will be matched to two egg recipients. You contact us to advise of the next day 1 of your menstrual cycle and our nurse co-ordinators will plan the dates of your donation cycle. You will have an appointment with the nurse co-ordinators to complete consent forms and learn how to administer your medications.
The donation cycle will involve using drugs firstly to down-regulate or suppress your natural monthly hormone cycle. When this has been achieved, a fertility hormone drug is used to stimulate the ovaries to produce a good number of eggs. You will usually have three scans; baseline, to confirm down-regulation, and 2 progress scans. The scans are usually performed between 8am and 9am in the Fertility Centre. The egg collection is carried out under general anaesthetic in the Day Surgery Unit at Salisbury District Hospital.

How much are Altruistic Egg Donors compensated?

To cover costs incurred by your egg donation the law allows you to be compensated a fixed sum of up to £750 per donation cycle. Following your egg collection you will receive a payment of £500. Six months following your egg donation we require you to return to the centre to complete some screening blood tests. At this time you will receive a further payment of £250.

Who is Altruistic Egg Donation suitable for?

Provided you meet the criteria altruistic egg donation is most suitable for women who have completed their family or do not wish to have a family. However we consider approaches from any women who meet the criteria so please contact us if you are interested in donating your eggs or wish to find out further information.

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