IVF with Donor Eggs

Using donor eggs is a form of IVF treatment for women who are unable to use their own eggs

What is IVF with Donor Eggs?

IVF with donor eggs is an IVF cycle in which donated eggs are used rather than the female partner’s eggs. The process is very similar to an IVF cycle except that donor eggs are mixed with the male partner’s sperm to create embryos for transfer into the female partner. Donor eggs may be supplied by an altruistic donor or by someone participating in our Egg Sharing Scheme.

How does it work?

Once you and your consultant have agreed that IVF with donor eggs is the way forward you complete a matching form and have a session with the counsellor to explore the implications of using donated eggs in your treatment. You will also complete some additional treatment screening blood tests.
Once these stages have been completed you will be placed on the waiting list for donor eggs. Please contact the centre for approximate current waiting times to receive donor eggs.
When your name reaches the top of the waiting list, you will be contacted by one of the nurse co-ordinators with details of a potential donor. If you are happy with the match and want to proceed, your treatment will be planned. If you do not want to proceed with the proposed donor, then your name will remain at the top of the waiting list for the next suitable match.
Our egg donation programme involves the stimulation of a donor’s ovaries with the drugs used normally for an IVF cycle whilst we simultaneously prepare the lining of your uterus, using tablets, to be ready to receive embryos.

The donors’ eggs are collected and then mixed with the male partner’s sperm and transferred to an incubator so that fertilisation can take place. If there is poor sperm quality a procedure called ICSI may be required in which a single sperm is injected into each egg. For further information about ICSI see the ICSI Treatment page. One of our embryologists will call you the day after the donor eggs and sperm have been mixed to let you know whether fertilisation has been successful. The embryos are cultured to blastocyst stage (day 5) at which time the embryo transfer is completed and any suitable embryos are frozen. The embryo transfer takes place in the Fertility Centre.

Who is it suitable for?

IVF with donor eggs may be appropriate for you if you have a known egg problem, a very low ovarian reserve or are unable to produce your own eggs for use in an IVF treatment cycle. Please contact us to arrange a consultation as it is important that IVF using donor eggs has been discussed with an expert consultant and recommended for you individually based on your clinical history and circumstances.

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